About Us

Mycon Pharma is a  Pune based pharmaceutical company established in the year 1985, engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of veterinary formulations and feed supplements for livestock and poultry.

Mycon Pharma is a partnership company, registered as a SSI unit having its own manufacturing  plant,  accredited with G.M.P (Awarded by Food & Drug  administration of Maharashtra) and ISO 9001-2015 Certification.

Mycon pharma group was founded by Late Shri. Madhukar s.Tilloo who had substantial experiance of pharma industry.Presently Mycon Group is managed by technically sound professional people.Maj.Sharad s.Tilloo one of the founder member is the group chairman now.


We are professionally managed Indian company on journey to make people life comfortable through smart technology driven products


We would like to serve people through:

  • Unique Breakthrough Products
  • Innovations
  • Quality With Integrity


Our objective is To be leading innovative, consumer need based and technology driven company in veterinary formulations and feed supplements in India.


Mycon Group has another three subsidiary companies engaged in the same business.

  1. Selegance  Pharma  Pvt. Ltd.,  Pune,  Maharashtra,  INDIA
  2. Selegance  Mkt. Co.  Pvt.  Ltd.,  Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA
  3. Vet  Feed  Labs,  Pune,  Maharashtra,  INDIA

The  activities of Mycon Group are presently managed by :

  •  Maj. Sharad  S. Tilloo  – Group Chairman  –  Technical, R&D.
  •  Mr. Mohan  M. Tilloo  – Director /Partner –  Administration & Marketing
  •  Mr. Subhash  S Tilloo  –  Director /Partner –  Production, Purchase and Marketing
  •  Mr. Makrand M.Tilloo – Director /Partner –  Finance,Marketing

Mycon Pharma has got significant presence in Indian veterinary market, mainly in the region of  Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka,  Andhra Pradesh,  Madhya  Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc.

Presently Mycon Pharma is exporting their products to Nepal  &  have established own marketing network by appointing field force.

Mycon  Pharma is presently manufacturing and marketing various veterinary formulations  lying  in categories  like Tablets, Capsules, Powders and Liquids. The spare production capacity is utilised for manufacturing formulations for various reputed companies on loan license  as well as on principle to principle basis. Company  is presently holding manufacturing  license for manufacturing Ayurvedic /Herbal  formulations in the above categories at the plant. The present  manufacturing facility  of  the  company   is  as   per  new   norms   with   GMP(Awarded by Food & Drug administration of Maharashtra) requirements.


  1. Manufacturing plant as per New  Norms of  GMP (Awarded by Food & Drug administration of Maharashtra)
  2. ISO 9001- 2015  Certified  Company.
  3. Offers different production areas for Powders, Tablets, Capsules & Liquid for medicines & feed  supplements.
  4. ISO &  GMP (Awarded by Food & Drug administration of Maharashtra)  level documentation of all the  related manufacturing activities.
  5. Sound technical  support  at  all  levels  by  key  personnel.

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Address         : 647, Kasba Peth,  Manik  Chowk, Pune – 411 011.  Maharashtra,  INDIA
Phone No.    : +91 -20-24578227, 24572117
Mobile           :  9766222726 / 8600994558
Telefax No.  :  +91 -20-24578227
Email             :  myconpharma@hotmail.com