Liv-Cap Forte Liquid

Liv – Cap Forte is a unique combination of herbal ingredients.It contains liver stimulating as well as liver  regularising specific herbs such as Nishottar Kalmegh, Sharpunkha, Neem, Punarnava, Kutki, Arjun,Ahaliv.

These special herbs act on the liver to improve and accelerate its functions. It helps in – regenerating damaged hepatic cells of the liver and also maintains full function of the liver.

Liv – Cap Forte provides natural calcium and phosphorus which strengthens liver calls

Liv – Cap Forte is useful in Liver disorders such as – Hepatitis, Hepatomegaly, Toxipathic hepatitis, Fatty liver syndrome, Clinical and subclinincal ketosis and Anaemia.


Liv – Cap Forte:-

1.Regulates bile-formation and digestive processes,that helps in weight gain.

2.Improves hepatic and portal circulation that accelerates the liver function.

3.Helps in Synthesis of immuno – globulins thereby improves body resistance for better growth and higher milk production.

4.Overcomes any type of body stress by stimulating and revitalizing liver cells.

5.Takes care of fatty liver Syndrome – Animals with fatty liver have low albumin and glucose levels in their conception rate is reduced. They are more susceptible to retained placenta and uterine infections

6.Detoxifies microbial, viral, plant and metabolic toxins. Hence, useful in subclinical and clinical level of poisoning.

7.Maintains gluconeogenesis which helps to maintain higher milk yield.

8.Improves  Weight – gain in young as well as growing animals.This helps in achieving early maturity.

9.Aids Protein/Carbohydrate /Fat metabolism.

10.Helps in Erythropoiesis & therefore helpful in post recovery Period of protozoal diseases ex. Theiliarisis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis,Useful in prevention of ketosis.

11.Supports absorption and storage of vitamins and microminerals in the body

12,Liv – Cap Forte is a good supportive therapy along with oral antibiotics,sulphonamides & anthelmintics, when administered Concurrently

Availability: 225 ml/500 ml Bottles /1 Ltrs /5 Ltrs


Large animals-100 ml daily.

Small animals-50 ml daily

“This Product is not intended to Diagnose,Treat,Cure or Prevent any disease”


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