Metrali Tablet

Tones up the Uterus & regulates the Heat period

Placental retention and delayed uterine involution are now common.Our product Metrali has specific action on uterus.

Various herbs used in Metrali,have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Metrali controls the bloody and white discharge(leucorrhea).

Metrali tones up the uterus and regulates the heat period.


Dosage: 20 Tab/ Day for 5 days or As directed by the veterinarian

Presentation: Carton of 100 Tablets



1)Clinical efficacy of orally administered indigenous preparation(Metrali) in post-partum disorders : Formulation was found to be clinically efficacious in 90.48% of the cases.

Dr.L.K.Sharma Sci. Tech. Center Bombay.

2)’Metrali’ has given desirable satisfactory results in the cases of endometritis, sub-clinical endometritis, post parturient white purulent discharge,metritis,pyometra,cervical erosion,retention of placenta etc.

Dr.N.N. Auradkar-1989.Vet Disp:-Pune


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