Fertikit is a kit Containing 3 packets of Drugs namely




These three drug eliminates the main causes/effects of infertility

1) Jantana:-It is  a broad spectrum anthelmintic. All types of worms get killed,protein digestion/absorption improves. Hormonal levels get elevated. This helps in induction of heat.

2)Metrali:-It eliminates Low Grade Endometritis(main cause of Repeat Breeding) and also tones up uterus,there by improving conception  Rate.

3)Hitali:-It induces ovulatory heat so that chances of conception are better. Hitali is also beneficial in cases of Repeat Breeding due to unovulatory heat.

Fertikit Contains:-

1)Jantana Powder:-10 gm packet-To destroy worm infestation,thus improving protein digestion and absorption. This increases hormonal levels and heat is induced.

2)Metrali Powder:-20gm packet-To eliminate low grade Endometrisis and to tone up uterus.

3)Hitali:-(10 caps Packets):-Stimulates Endocrine glands so that ovulatory heat is induced.

Use of Fertikit enhances conception rate

Fertikit is also usful in following cases:-

1)Repeat Breeding 2)Delayed post partum Estrus, 3)Delayed puberty.

Direction of use:-

1)Repeat Breeder cases-After A.I.before 8/10 days of next heat.

2)Post partum Estrus:-

a)Local Breed-90 days b)Cross Breed Heifer(cow/buffalo)-60 days

3)Delayed puberty:-

a)Local Breed:-30th Month

b)Cross Breed Cow:-12 th month

c)Buffalo:-30th month


Jantana 1st day-10gm pkt

Metrali 2nd day-20 gm pkt

Hitali 5th day-10 caps

Precaution:-Before ucsing Fertikit check for persistenet Corpus luteum,Crystic ovary and sub clinical uterine infection



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