Titali-M Tablet

 An Effective Oral Treatment for Mastitis

 First time an introduction of oral treatment for Mastitis which is very effective. Herbs used in Titali-M are highly bactericidal and cover gram +ve and -ve spectrum

All animals should be routinely treated at the time of trying off with Titali-M It is desirable to start the treatment of the animal immediately st the onest of Mastitis. It is also recommended to treat other animals in the herd with Titali-M as a prophylactic measure.


Dosage: 10 to 12 Tab per day or As directed by the veterinarian

Presentation: Container of 60 Tab (800mg. each)



1)Efficacy of Herbal Preparation on Subclinical Mastitis in Buffaloes : The incidence of SCM detected by indirect tests and confirmed by microbiological examination was very high. The herbal preparation Titali-M administered orally showed 100% efficacy

2)Treatment of Subclinical Mastitis with Indigenous Drug ‘Titali-M’:Animals were treated only with Titali-M and no antibiotics were used.Effect of the treatment in SCM was 85.71% Animal wise & 83.33% on quarter basis. Percentage increase in Fat 2.92% in SNF – 8.08% in Milk Yield 3.88% It is concluded that there was qualitative & Quantitative improvement in the milk after treatment

3)Effect of Titali-M In Mastitis : In per-acute & acute cases results were astonishing and fully controlled the microbial flora & inflammation locally.In chronic cases progress was slow but had permanent cure which was the achievement.


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